Authentic ayurveda in India

Ultimate self-indulgence
For body and mind

Digital detox in jordan

Calm and immersion surrounded by magnificent and overwhelming nature

Juice Retreat in Marrakech

The luxurious
detox retreat of your dreams

Power retreat in Sri Lanka

The ultimate yoga
and meditation retreat

Wellness retreats


Authentic ayurveda

Ayurveda is the world’s oldest alternative therapy form. A medical system that looks at the whole human being and seeks to find the cause behind the condition in the individual person rather than only a symptomatic treatment.


Juice Retreat

Only twenty minutes away from the labyrinths of Marrakech, the colorful bazars, and beautiful medina we have found an oasis of serenity and extraordinary beauty.


Digital detox

Wadi rum in jordan is a breathtaking sight. Almost overworldly with red mountains and sand as far as the eye can see. Totally indescribably beautiful and the perfect place to go if you want to completely disconnect and recharge your batteries.

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Other destinations


Sensuous adventures

It is almost too good to be true. India fulfils all one’s expectations and more. The country is a true riot of colors, scents, sounds and amazing experiences.


Magical grandeur

Bali is part of Indonesia, and in many ways the island is its own. As the many beautiful temples on the island testify, the dominant religion is Hinduism.


Amazing experience

Thailand is a wonderful country to visit. Rich in culture, history and with the most beautiful nature and hospitable locals, Thailand is one of the world’s favorite holiday destinations.

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We are grateful to offer you retreats that show you the way ”home”. Retreats that leave a positive mark on your body, mind and soul. Travels that create peace and balance within and give you even more joy in life. ”Old luggage” is cleansed. The goal is to provide you with new good habits and a head full of postive thoughts. Our wish is for you to return home as the best version of yourself. We hope that you will find on this website a travel that suits you and can give you just what you and your body need.


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