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Experience the authentic Arabia surrounded by magnificent nature in Oman

Are you in love with the authentic Arabian style? And are you looking to get away from noise, shopping, and skyscrapers?

Then choose Oman which is only a two hour drive away from Dubai.

We collaborate with different hotels in Oman and we can arrange for the holiday you dream of.


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With a trip to Oman you get…

One of our hotels

Six Senses Zighy Bay in Oman is a beautiful place. Surrounded by mountains and desert it’s privately situated on the beach with a view over the stunning Oman bay. The natural surroundings are rough, arid and spectacular. The dark rocks are in sharp contrast to the turquoise clear sea..

Zighy Bay is the essence of authentic Arabia. Constructed in stone and created with great respect for the environment and the surrounding nature, the hotel offers a high level of comfort and luxury. Stay in your own villa with private pool – many of which have beach front.

From here you can enjoy the magnificent view over the bay. When arriving at the hotel the staff meets you with open arms and a welcoming smile. The Oman people are very proud and hospitable which is obvious at Zighy Bay.

Wellness and self-indulgence are on top of the list at Zighy Bay. The food and the service is first-class, the large pool area invites you to relax and in the ho- tel spa, you can enjoy any kind of body treatment. The hotel has its own Kids Club where children are offered a large variety of activities. Visit the water sports center on the beach and go diving, paragliding or surfing. Or borrow one of the hotel bicycles and ride along the cycle tracks on the hotel premises.

We are looking forward to sending you to Oman. A beautiful and different destination.

Six Senses Zighy Bay is an obvious destination to visit in combination with a holiday in Dubai. The two destinations are not far apart but the difference between them is huge. This way you get to experience both sides of the Arabian Peninsula.

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Six Senses Zighy Bay




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