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Treat yourself to a fantastic and inspirational experience – combine your Power Retreat with a tour around Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a rare and unspoiled gem offering a line-up of different adventures. It is a wonder that even more tourists haven’t found their way here. Travelling in Sri Lanka is amazing. Spectacular nature, exciting cultural experiences and wonderful beaches. Sri Lanka has it all!
Extend your Power Retreat with a tour around Sri Lanka. We customize the trip according to your wishes. You get your own private driver, who also acts as your personal guide throughout the tour. The local population is always kind, welcoming, smiling and helpful. They contribute to the amazing experience it is touring Sri Lanka.
Sri Lanka has eight sights on the UNESCO World Heritage List. We recommend, you visit as many of them as possible. This way you get to experience all sides of the magnificent island. Rain forest, savanna and highland with beautiful tea plantations.
If you are looking for a more calm and relaxing holiday focusing on sun and beach we can easily arrange that as well. We collaborate with a range of carefully selected hotels across the island.
We can extend your Power Retreat and we can customize your dream travel to Sri Lanka. Either way we look forward to arranging the travel of your dreams.

There have been so many different impressions to digest. Not least the beautiful and varied nature and the lavish wildlife – in some places it was like being at the zoo … just without the cages! Hundreds of elephants, gingerbread, crocodiles, varans, bears, monkeys, boars, buffaloes, icebergs, etc. etc. In addition, interesting cultural experiences, a friendly population, lovely food and good hotels. Before the trip, we were excited about what it would be like to travel around in a small car with a stranger for 17 days. We certainly weren’t disappointed here either. Our guide / driver was both good company and very knowledgeable about both nature and culture. And by the way, a good driver. We had a great friendship along the way, and he liked to talk about his own life and daily life in Sri Lanka, which you don’t always get as close as a tourist.




We are of course covered by the rejsegarantifonden (Travel Guarantee Fund).
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