Historical beauty

Go to Vietnam and let yourself be overwhelmed by the country’s nature and exciting history

A trip to Vietnam awaits you with a lot of great experiences. The country with great diversity in both culture, nature and history will surely inspire you.
More than 1,000 years ago, the Chinese settled in Vietnam. Later, the French came, and later the Americans besieged the land. Vietnam’s history is exciting and fierce, and as a traveler in the country you cannot help but notice the influence the outside powers have had in the country. Here is Chinese and French architecture side by side, museums of the Vietnam War, and beautiful restaurants decorated in the Indochina style, reminiscent of the colonial powers of the past.
In short, Vietnam is a wonderful mix of ancient sights, a dramatic history, overwhelming nature and, not least, friendly locals who meet you with open arms and big smiles wherever you go. From the capital Hanoi in the north to Saigon and the Mekong delta in the south, Vietnam is an exciting country full of adventures just waiting to be explored by you.

Touring Vietnam

We collaborate with hotel chains across the country and can therefore offer you a tailor-made trip, ensuring you to get exactly the holiday you dream of. Just tell us your dreams. Combine vibrant city life in Hanoi with a boat trip in Halong Bay and see the many beautiful rock formations that shoot out of the water. Continue south to the lanterns mecca of Hoi An and further from here to Saigon, which is an exciting metropolis with sights, wonderful restaurants and a thought-provoking war museum about the Vietnam War. Combine with a boat trip on the Mekong River, which is a great experience. Finally, finish off with a well-deserved rest at a resort by one of the many beautiful beaches. For example in Nha Trang, which has Vietnam’s most beautiful beaches on the South China Sea.
You can also combine your tour with a trip to Angkor Wat in Cambodia. The beautiful temple complex from the 12th century is Cambodia’s main tourist attraction and a magnificent experience.
We provide your own private driver all the way, so you can safely and easily reach your destinations. We look forward to arranging your tour around Vietnam.



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