Panchakarma Retreat

This retreat is for single travellers, not groups. The retreat can be arranged all year round,
kontakt the office for a non-binding offer.

Ayurvedic detox in peaceful and stunning surroundings

Recreate your body with Panchakarma. A millennium old Ayurvedic system designed to detoxify your body, strengthen your immune system and rebuild your body’s balance – both physically and mentally. Panchakarma is a cleansing process. The body’s accumulated toxins become cleansed out and the body’s innate healing ability is restored. Some undergo Panchakarma after a long course of disease to rebuild the body’s natural balance. Others use Panchakarma preventively to never get sick. We can safely say that Panchakarma will change your life and give you greater insight into your body and mind.

At the Ayurvedic hospital, Kalari, in the southwestern Kovalam region of India, you will find an Ayurvedic oasis. The perfect place to find peace and relaxation. Here, focus is 100% on you, your condition and your well-being. Through daily medical consultations, Ayurvedic body treatments, yoga, mental training and meditation, you find the way to your inner self.

With panchakarma in India you get…

A Panchakarma detox on Kalari is tailored exactly to match your symptoms and needs. The starting point is your condition and your personal goals, and your diet and treatments are based on your Ayurvedic doctor’s instructions. Nothing is left to chance. You are in competent and professional hands throughout the whole stay.

A Panchakarma detox lasts a minimum of 14 days, and we recommend that you go alone so that you can really immerse yourself and get the maximum benefit from the detox.


The hotel

Kalari ayurvedic hospital


Kalari is an Ayurvedic hospital. Located by the water and surrounded by palm trees and tropical forest, the place is idyllic and peaceful. You will find all the facilities you need for an Ayurvedic detox. Competent Ayurvedic doctors, skilled chefs, dedicated therapists and leading yoga and meditation instructors. This is sincerely a unique journey. A detox process that will change your life. We take care of all the practicalities, you just have to focus on yourself, your process and your well-being.




We are of course covered by the rejsegarantifonden (Travel Guarantee Fund).
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