Digital detox in the desert


Calm and immersion in one. With magnificent and overwhelming nature

Wadi Rum in Jordan is a breathtaking sight. Almost over worldly with red mountains and sand as far as the eye can see. Totally indescribably beautiful and the perfect place to go if you want to completely disconnect and recharge your batteries.


On the retreat in the desert in Jordan you just have to be.

Pull the plug, enjoy the spectacular surroundings and surrender to the tranquility of the desert. The purpose of the retreat is to be in one with the beautiful nature surrounding you and allow yourself to completely disconnect.

And when you do, you’ll find yourself coming home as a renewed version of yourself. Ready for everyday life and the many tasks waiting for you. You will get new tools for a better and less stressed everyday life. Tools that strengthen you and that will help you achieve your goals both privately and professionally.


Single room from:
20.800,- DKK

Prices include flight from Copenhagen.
The travel can also be booked with flights from other countries.


Next retreats

5 MAY - 10 MAY 2020

19 MAY - 24 MAY 2020

The retreat

The retreat lasts for 5 days. On day 1, we arrive at the Mariott Hotel in Amman, where we stay for one night. The next morning we start doing morning yoga and meditation with Yogi Ramzi before heading for the desert, Wadi Rum, where we are accommodated in a private Bedouin camp. Every morning in the desert begins with yoga and meditation. The perfect way to start the day. Every night we practise M:A:M training, and after dinner we sit around the bonfire, observe the stars on the impressive night sky, and just enjoy the time of relaxation and immersion.
On the 5th day of the retreat, we drive to the Dead Sea to be accommodated at the Dead Sea Mariott Hotel. Here you can relax by the pool and swim in the Dead Sea, famous for its high salt content and healing mud. After a beautiful day we head for the airport, flying home in the evening

During the retreat, everyone will receive a B:A:M body treatment from one of Kropsinstituttet’s therapists. The treatments identify your body’s weaknesses and strengths and help you to greater body understanding, more calmness and less stress.
Digital Detox in the Desert is 3 days in the desert without electronics going along with the beautiful scenery. With authentic Jordanian food – among other things cooked underground according to old tradition – daily
training and body therapy treatments enables full focus on the body and mind. We look forward to giving you an experience for life.
As the only retreat, we also offer Digital Detox in the Desert only for men. Keep an eye on our website as we regularly update with current tours and dates.

The hotels



We are of course covered by the rejsegarantifonden (Travel Guarantee Fund).
For more information, please contact Zen Luxury Travels at: Tel. +45 61 16 30 14 or

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