Juice Retreat in Marrakech

The ultimate detox trip

Only twenty minutes away from the labyrinths of Marrakech, the colorful bazars, and beautiful medina we have found an oasis of serenity and extraordinary beauty. The exquisite 5-star resort ”Les Deux Tours” frame our luxurious Juice Retreat. Customized for you who wish to detox – inside and out. Here you can relax and treat yourself to a well-earned break from everyday life reconstructing your body and returning home as a significantly healthier, slimmer and more beautiful version of yourself. But most importantly: You will experience a remarkable increase of energy, a power boost and vitality injection. You will be able to feel your inner self without any filter.


Double room/person from:
18.500,- DKK

Single room from:
20.600,- DKK

Prices include flight from Copenhagen.
The travel can also be booked with flights from other countries.


Next retreats

6 JUN - 13 JUN 2020

4 JUL - 11 JUL 2020

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Juice retreat in Marrakech

If you go and sigh a bit in the notion of the Garden of Paradise, then you can well prepare for that notion to get a clear indication of a reality when you first enter the park belonging to the Hotel Les Deux Tours ca . 10 minutes drive from the Medina of Marrakech.

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Sara at the Juice Retreat in Marrakech

Lis at the Juice Retreat in Marrakech

Christina at the Juice Retreat in Marrakech

With the Marrakech luxury Juice Retreat you get…

  • Return trip Copenhagen – Marrakech incl. transport to and from the airport
  • Flight taxes and charges
  • Seven nights at the luxurious four star resort with rustic courtyards, orange trees around the winding paths and ponds with turtles creates a nirvana of calm and enjoyment
  • Daily delicious, organic, freshly squeezed vegetable juices which will clean your body and give it a well-deserved break with the best nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. You will find that your body becomes lighter and slimmer, your skin cleaner and your eyes brighter and more brilliant. You’ll al-so feel a whole new sense of calm and wellbeing and get a huge boost of energy and vitality
  • You will receive two body treatments provided by one of Kropsinstituttets therapists. Consider the treatment as a kind of analysis, that will show you your body’s true health. We will also tell you how you most effectively can take action
  • You will receive two hamam treatments in the delightful spa, where you will enjoy a body detox by way of steam and a body scrub
  • You will receive two wellness massages that pamper both your body and your mind between juice diet and the intense body treatments
  • You will receive a wonderful facial that supports your skin’s renewed vitality and gives extra shine and clarity
  • There is gentle yoga and meditation every morning which is relaxing, calming and restorative to your body and your mind
  • Every evening we will do Kropsinstituttet’s Movement & Mobility training that exposes the body’s aging, corrects old injuries and disabilities and at the same time supports the detox your body is going through
  • You will receive pep talks and guidance from one of Kropsinstituttets therapists who will support and guide you throughout the whole process
  • Lots of cleansing and nourishing herbal teas as well as all the water you can drink
  • You will receive various supplements that will support the body’s natural cleansing

The best thing about the trip was being able to focus 100 percent on feeling in my body, and finding out what its condition really was – far away from everyday stress and rush and bad habits. In a busy everyday life with a full-time job and almost daily hard physical training, you can forget to feel your own body. You just drive out there at a wind-blowing pace and neglect the body’s signs and signals. It was a crazy feeling to find yourself and feel yourself again.

Lane Mikkelsen


When I read about the tour, it was said that one became the best version of oneself. I thought it was a bit of a mess. But I have to admit that the Stine who returned was probably the closest I’ve ever been to the best version of myself.

Stine Rønnow

Social worker

A typical day at the Juice Retreat

7.00 am Water with honey & amp; lemon

7.30 am Yoga & amp; morning meditation

9.00 am Juice & amp; supplements

10 am – 11 am Body Therapy / Treatment Body Therapy / Treatment by one of Kropsinstituttet’s therapists

11 am – 1 pm Relax by the Pool area or visit Marrakech

1.00 pm Juice & amp; supplements

2.00 – 3.00 pm 45 min. spa facial treatment

3.00 – 6.00 pm Relax by the Pool area or visit Marrakech

6 pm Movement & amp; Mobility training. Read more

7.30 pm Juice & amp; supplements

I felt incredibly light in both body and mind when I got home – it was an absolutely amazing feeling. I lost over four kilos and I was quite high over that. Unfortunately, the pounds quickly gained weight again as solid food came to his stomach.

Lane Mikkelsen


It was as if I was leaving as one person and coming home as another. Both inside and outside. It was and will be the journey of my life. And I will never forget what those eight days gave my body and soul.

Stine Rønnow

Social worker

About the location

Les Deux Tours Hotel

The place was absolutely and utterly enchanting. The atmosphere was relaxed and you felt comfortable and welcome from the first place, which is obviously also due to the smiling, friendly and welcoming staff. The place was idyllic with countless little oases, cozy nooks and heavenly beds where you could relax and enjoy the tranquility and the delicious climate. All rooms were unique in their decor, giving the place a depth and soul – something really was done out of the details.

Lane Mikkelsen


I got even more home than I had expected. I went through a huge development. My body got smaller in centimeters and in weight, and I could feel it waking up. But the biggest thing was probably my new mind-set. My desire and belief in being able to create and come out with something of everything that I had been burning for many years. Specifically, I started my blog, my Instagram profile and my facebook group, and then I started doing different juice events in larger companies. All great opportunities. Stine Rønnow

Social worker

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