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Ayurvedic Power Retreat

The ultimate Ayurvedic yoga and meditation Power Retreat


Give yourself a huge boost of energy, power and motivation with Zen Luxury Travel’s and Kropsinstituttet’s popular Ayurvedic Power Retreat.

The tour is for those who want to return home with a stronger, healthier and leaner body as well as a calmer and more harmonious mind.

And you who want to reset from a busy everyday life. The Power Retreat will help bring the stress down and you will become a stronger and more powerful leader.

We take care of everything at your Ayurvedic Power Retreat, so you should focus solely on becoming the best version of yourself.


Double rooms/person from
23.400,- DKK
Single rooms from:
25.900,- DKK

Double rooms/person from:
38.500,- DKK
Single rooms from:
43.500,- DKK

Prices include flight from Copenhagen.
The travel can also be booked with flights from other countries.


Next retreats

8 JAN - 16 JAN 2020
Sold out

16 JAN - 24 JAN 2020

20 FEB - 28 FEB 2020

2 MAR - 10 MAR 2020

19 MAR - 27 MAR 2020

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Ayurveda is a holistic health system that deals with physical health, mental balance and interpersonal relationships. Learn more about Ayurveda here

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With Power Retreat in Sri Lanka you get…

  • Flight round trip Copenhagen – Columbo
  • Private accommodation in the beau-tiful and peaceful Ayurveda Pavillion that has a lovely pool and is situated just 250 meters from the beach
  • You will have a 100 % ayurvedic di-et. Ayurveda literally means: The wisdom of a long and happy life. One of the ways to get there is through diet, yoga, meditation and massage treatments. When you eat ayurvedic, your diet will be com-prised to suit your body type. The food will cleanse your body and build it up again, so you will be bal-anced both physically and mentally.
  • There will be daily yoga training with one of the most inspiring local yoga gurus
  • You will receive three daily Ayurvedic treatments. Each treatment is based on a 5000 year old health system. The treatment takes about 45 minutes. You will get a gentle oil massage, relax in a cleansing steam bath, and finally, you will be wrapped in healing herbs
  • There will be daily training exercises “The Five Tibetans” which are five simple but immensely powerful yoga exercises
  • There will be daily training in Kropsinstituttet’s Movement & Mobility training, which exposes the body’s aging and corrects old injuries and disabilities
  • You will participate in daily meditation that teaches you to let go of your thoughts, relax the mind and be present in the moment
  • You will receive two body treatments provided by one of Kropsinstituttet’s therapists. Consider the treatment as a kind of analysis that will reveal your
    body’s true health. You will be told how you most effectively can take action
  • You will receive daily, individual consultation with a local Ayurvedic doctor who will follow your treatment and development from start to finish
  • You will be given a seven-day diet before and after your stay so you are well prepared and ready when you arrive in Sri Lanka
  • You will receive pep talks and guidance from one of Kropsinstituttet’s therapists who will support and guide you throughout the whole process
  • There will be a workshop in Ayurvedic cooking. Here you will get inspiration and tips on how you can prepare delicious Ayurvedic food, in order for you to continue the healthy lifestyle at home
  • A unique meeting with other inspiring and curious power-souls

I was here in January 2018 at Power Retreat in Sri Lanka for the second time. I have no words to describe how fantastic it is and what development you can do for yourself in such a short time – if you just allow yourself. Everyone around this Retreat deserves the deepest respect and praise – and what a level of service! I only have one warning! You become deeply dependent on it and just have to go back 🙂 bonus win; you meet the most lovely and fun-loving people! I’m back in 2019

Jesper K.

Sales Manager TV2

The power retreat in Sri Lanka is so intense and healing in every way. I feel for the first time that there is a “connection” between my head and my body. It has been an unforgettable journey, I am significantly smoother, have nicer skin, my sleep is better and my energy is top. Thank you for showing me a little bit of paradise.

Charlotte Andersen


A typical day at the Power Retreat

6.30 am Yoga & amp; meditation morning

8.00 am Ayurvedic morning meal

9 am – 12 pm Ayurvedic doctor consultation + 2-2.5 hours Ayurvedic treatments (massage, reflexology, scrubs, facial massage etc.)

12 pm Ayurvedic Breakfast

1.30 pm Body Therapy / Treatment by one of Kropsinstituttet’s therapists
(2 treatments on the retreat)

2.30 pm Relaxation by the pool area

5 pm Movement & amp; Mobility training. Read more about M: A: M

6.30 pm Juice & amp; supplements

Prolong your experience


Now that you will be leaving and the airline ticket has already been paid to Sri Lanka, you may want to extend your stay with an adventure of a Round Tour in Sri Lanka or ultimate pampering in the Maldives 1 1/2 hours flight away. Everything is possible and nothing is impossible. We tailor your dream trip exactly to your wishes and needs.

Every day the doctor comes and hears how things are going. My massage angel gives me oil massage, body scrubs, head, facial, oil bath in the forehead, relaxing packs, eye treatments, herbal water baths, steam baths, inhalation of cleansing herbs for the nose and sinuses – all guided by the daily consultation with the Ayurvedic doctor. It is actually tough with so much massage and relaxation as it touches deeply both physically as well as mentally. I spend many hours doing “nothing” – that’s great. After a week the muscles are soft and the tendons and joints become more and more flexible day by day. I can feel that in yoga. The food is then beautifully made and presented – it sneaks easily over the taste buds. It is a pleasure to see the chefs demonstrating how they make the glories come out. Not only does it taste heavenly, we also get inspiration to go into the kitchen and combine selected dishes. It’s a tremendously professionally designed retreat and lots of praise is given to Martin who holds all the threads together. It is highly recommended.

Pernille Knutzon


About the hotel

Jetwing Ayurveda Pavillons


I am still completely at ease about how much can happen in the body and mind in just a week. WAUW! I experienced calm and lightness in the body, got a much better mood and bigger surplus with few and small changes.

Marie Storm

Now I sit here like a happy Duracell rabbit with lots of energy and tools I want to keep at home in Denmark. My yoga guru still rings in my head: Relax in your mind. I hope the charger lasts next year – where I will take the retreat again! Maria Egelund

Nurse, Life coach and Personal Trainer

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