The ultimate detox trip


Just twenty minutes from Marrakech's labyrinth alleys, colorful markets and the beautiful Medina, we have found an oasis of serenity and beauty. The exquisite 5-star resort will provide the framework for our luxurious Juice Retreat which is tailored to you who desire a detox. 

Here you can take a well deserved break where you can rebuild your body and return back home significantly healthier, slimmer and more beautiful. But perhaps most important, you will get renewed energy, power and vitality.


  • Flight round trip Copenhagen - Marrakech incl. transportation to and from the airport.

  • Seven nights at the luxurious 5-star resort with rustic courtyards, orange trees around the winding paths and ponds with turtles creates a nirvana of calm and enjoyment.

  • Daily delicious, organic, freshly squeezed vegetable juices which will clean your body and give it a well-deserved break with the best nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. You will find that your body becomes lighter and slimmer, your skin cleaner and your eyes brighter and more brilliant. You'll also feel a whole new sense of calm and wellbeing and get a huge boost of energy and vitality.

  • You will receive two body treatments provided by one of Kropsinstituttets therapists. Consider the treatment as a kind of analysis, that will show you your body's true health. We will also tell you how you most effectively can take action.

  • You will receive two hamam treatments in the delightful spa, where you will enjoy a body detox by way of steam and a body scrub.

  • You will receive two wellness massages that pamper both your body and your mind between juice diet and the intense body treatments.

  • You will receive a wonderful facial that supports your skin’s renewed vitality and gives extra shine and clarity.

  • There is gentle yoga and meditation every morning which is relaxing, calming and restorative to your body and your mind.

  • Every evening we will do Movement & Mobility training that exposes the body's aging, corrects old injuries and disabilities and at the same time supports the detox your body is going through.

  • You will receive pep talks and guidance from one of Kropsinstituttets therapists who will support and guide you throughout the whole process.

  • You will receive various supplements that will support the body's natural cleansing.



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