The week before departure

I am packing my suitcase and getting ready to go to the airport. I'm really excited. I have high expectations for this trip. It will be a very different kind of holiday than those I usually go on. This is also reflected in what I have packed into my suitcase. There is no cosmetics pouch, hair straightener, high heels or nice clothes. There is only yoga clothes, cotton dresses, track suit, flip-flops and a lot of books - That's it! This trip is all about health and relaxation at the highest level.

A week ago I received an email from Kropsinstituttet with the message "Now there is one week to departure – it is time to change diet"

I have been asked to avoid alcohol, coffee, dairy products, sugar, wheat, white bread, white rice and all kinds of meat except fish. The whole week I have been drinking a lot of water, herbal tea with a little honey and been eating lots of fruits, vegetables and fish. It has given me a tremendous headache, but I have lost a kilogram of fat.

Before going on this trip I have thought about my general health. Actually, I feel well and healthy. The small symptoms which I might have had I have not paid any attention to. I have just learned to live with them and accepted them as being normal. But deep inside I know that my body should be in a better shape. It's over now. Now I will go to Sri Lanka with the hopes that my condition can be remedied, get rid of some of my stress, lose a few kilos of weight and get more energy.



  • Stressed and worried – can’t find peace

  • My stomach is very bloated and hard as a ball

  • I have a constant little headache

  • I am stiff in my back and my ankles

  • I have dry skin

  • I suffer a lot from aching bunions

  • I have neck tension

  • I find it very hard to lose weight

  • Lack of sex drive

  • Infertility

  • A small hemorrhoid


I also feel that I am irritable, temperamental and have less energy and tolerance.
Now I will turn off my pc - it will stay at home. I have been asked to leave my computer and mobile phone at home. Actually It has been more difficult for me to be without my computer than not getting my sugar and white bread. I feel that I lose control - it is scary.

This means that I will continue to write my diary in the old-fashion way – pad and pencil.


Day 1



Finally I am in Sri Lanka. Sunrays and humidity is welcoming me. The resort which I will be staying at for the next 8 days is only 15 minutes drive from the airport.

At the resort I have been warmly and cordially welcomed with a nice little bouquet of flowers and a delicious glass of freshly squeezed juice. The staff have shown me around and handed me the keys to my own private villa. It is so quiet. It is time for complete silence and cleansing!

My villa is furnished with an outdoor private treatment room, a beautiful green patio with deck chairs and dining table. When I cross my courtyard, I come to my room. A large beautiful room with teak furniture, a large bed, a small room with a wardrobe, safety box and refrigerator. The bathroom has both indoor and outdoor facilities

There is no alcohol in the mini bar - there is only water! The music facility is filled with relaxation and meditation music. This is serious! No TV, no phone, no computer, no iPod with music – I left everything at home. Wow - I feel a restlessness comes creeping. Maybe I am just afraid of the stress that I know I need to start to let go?

It helps me a bit that everyone is smiling and welcoming. Everything is taken with an incredible calmness and relaxation.

I unpack my suitcase, find my sun hat and sunglasses and go into my small garden where I find a sunbed to lie on. While I am lying on my sunbed the doorbell rings. It is my Ayurvedic doctor – Nani. She is a young and incredibly sweet woman with a white laboratory coat on. She is carrying an old blood pressure monitor in her hand. "May I come in" she asks gently. A consultation with the doctor is always in the clients own private villa.

We sit down and Nani explains me a little bit about Ayurveda and what treatments they offer here at the resort. Nani asks me a lot of questions about my health and psyche. How is my digestion, my eating habits, am I stressed,  do I have tension in my body, what I like the most sweet, sour, salty or bitter food, how is my sex drive, what problems do I have?  I show her the list I wrote back home. I am glad that I wrote everything down, otherwise I might have forgotten how I felt before I went on this trip. Nani and I talk for half an hour. I trust her immediately and am actually very excited to get started with the various treatments.

Nani measures my blood pressure, which is 110/70 and a heart rate of 68 beats per minute. According to the ayurvedic doctor my resting heart rate should be at 72 bpm. per minute. This means that I have a slight imbalance in the body.

I tell the doctor that I really would like to lose about 6 kg in order to get back to my normal weight. Since I stopped smoking 4 years ago it has been really difficult for me to lose those last kilos. I can feel that Nani thinks there are other things on my list that are more important right now.

Doing my stay here in Sri Lanka the doctor will visit me every day and from the measurements and our conversations the doctor will plan my daily treatments.

Today, I will start the day with a 1 hour oil massage (whole body), a scalp massage and a facial massage. All in all, about 2 ½ hours treatment. Wonderful! A body massage always ends with a small hot herbal ball which is being pressed against the body. It feel great.

Nani says that this is it for today. My body needs to rest after this long journey. I nod in agreement - what do I know?

I receive a bathrobe and some disposable panties. While I get dressed, my therapist gets ready on the other side of my patio. I like the idea that all treatments and medical consultations are in my private villa. That is first class luxury.

My therapist is a sweet and smiling young woman. Women treat all women and men treat all men.

She gives me a small bouquet of flowers and starts to wash my feet.  The footbath is filled with beautiful temple flowers. Everything is aligned and in harmonious balance with nature. I lie on the couch. The next couple of hours feel like being in paradise. It is absolutely fantastic! I sense that I start to calm down, relax and letting go of everything. After my massage, it is important that I stay out of the sun and rest in my room for 45 minutes before I can take a long hot bath and get the oil out of my hair.

They serve me a nice tasty cup of hot Nemullia tea, which is a herbal tea. With each service, there is always a small note telling me what I drink and what it is good for. I already sense that my whole body and mind is being pampered. This should be every woman's right!

It's time for yoga! Every day there is a yoga and a meditation class. It is 5 pm and I greet my yoga guru Saraath, who has just arrived. The first couple of days the yoga class will be in the evening at sunset, as the body is more flexible in the evening than in the morning.

Later this week we will do yoga early in the morning. All yoga classes are outside. My new yoga guru is tall, slim and young. He explains a little bit about yoga and says that we will do a combination of Hatha and Kundalini yoga. Furthermore, he explains that we can stop our aging process by doing yoga. Now I am listening!

He tells me that he is 53 years old. I am speechless. He has less wrinkles in his face than what I had when I was 20 years old. I am impressed and I am keen to get started. It turns out to be a "wake-up call" for me. I am completely rigid in all my joints, and my whole spine is stiff as a board.

Regardless of which yoga position I go in and out of, my face almost turns blue while I puff and sweat. “Relax, relax, relax” I hear my Guru saying all the time.

I can feel that this is the right thing for me.  I am certain that I will continue with yoga when I am back in Denmark. After our yoga class, we meditate - this is so relaxing. Saraath tells us why meditation is a really important part of our everyday life and promise us that we will learn how to meditate before we go back home.

My dinner is served when I am ready. I can choose whether I want to have my dinner served in my villa, or I want it served at the restaurant, It is up to me. Tonight, I choose to have my dinner served in my room where I can sit in my pajamas and relax.

The menu consists of three courses. The starter is a green salad and a hot vegetable soup. The main course is brown rice with a mixed stew of two vegetarian curries - one yellow and the other one is brown. It taste delicious. It is a beautifully served dish which has a lot of colors. I would really like to cook and serve my dishes like this. The dessert is a plate with a lot of fresh fruit. If this is the diet that will help me, lose some weight, then I look forward to it.

It is getting dark outside and I can feel that I am getting tired. I put on some relaxing music on and go to bed. It has been a long day. I can feel the jetlag comes creaping.
My very first day at the Ayurvedic Resort in Sri Lanka has been an experience.
I am still excited, expectant and a little worried. I can feel that it is quite anxiety-provoking for me, having to let go all of my small infirmity. On one hand side, I would of course like to get rid of them, but on the other hand side I am so used to them that it actually feels quite safe to have them. I know it sounds silly. My goal is to get a second to none health with a lot of energy.


GOoD night!


Day 2


Boiling water with honey


My door bell is ringing it is 7:30 am. Outside my door there is a smiling waiter holding a large glass of boiling water with honey and lime. Apparently, this should be the best remedy for weight loss. Hurray! I drink it with great pleasure while I wake up to another day at this wonderful place.

The day starts with the exercises “The 5 Tibetans”. My pulse rate increases. I can feel that I am in a bad shape. But Martin is a good teacher and he motivates me to continue.

I choose to eat my breakfast at the restaurant. Here there is a variety of fresh fruit and a freshly squeezed papaya juice and a lovely detoxifying herbal tea. Everything has a delicious taste here in Sri Lanka. It does not taste like the dry green tea or other healthy drinks which I know from home.

I absolutely love the little dark brown fresh "sugar cube" which is always served together with my herbal tea. It is sweet and completely raw and fresh. It is delicious. They also serve me cooked chickpeas with fresh grated coconut. Halfway through I have to stop eating – I am full. I thought I was supposed to be on a starvation diet – it is actually the opposite!

At 9:30 am my door bell is ringing. This time it is an older gentleman Dr. Arnand (also called Mr Always Happy) he is smiling at me. It is time for today's consultation. My pulse rate is 72 which is absolutely perfect and my blood pressure is 90/50 - low as always. 

Dr. Arnand looks at me. He does not understand how I have been able to live with all my infirmities for so many years without doing something about it. He puts together a plan for today.
This morning I will receive 3 treatments. A facial massage, scalp massage followed by a full body massage. After that I will receive a cleaning facial treatment. Dr. Arnand tells me that my skin lacks glow. He suggests that I go on a detox which will clean my colon – that should apparently help.  This is done by drinking various herbs several times a day. Actually, the herbs do not taste bad. He also thinks that acupuncture will be beneficial to me. I have decided that I will do whatever the experts are saying. I am all in!

It is “difficult” to lie on a hard couch for 3 hours. I can feel the stiffness in my body.  But at the same time, I can feel that it is good for me. All the hot oil feels amazing. They are aligned so they match my body type and the infirmities I have. First and foremost, it is important that I get the stress out of my body and get the blood purified of waste products during my detox.

It is almost 1:00 pm I can’t believe how time is flying. Today, the lunch will be served in my villa. I feel like a queen. They serve me some kind of parsley salad with raw onions and some small odd olive-like fruits. The main course is a little boiled white fish and brown rice with steamed vegetables. The only vegetable I recognize is the small piece of tomato which is used as decoration. Everything tastes wonderful, but again I can’t eat it all. I don’t understand the difference. At home I rarely feel that full. I need to find the answer during my stay. For dessert, there are some mixed fruits.

I went for a long walk at the beach which is a few 100 meters from the resort. There are no tourists here. The only people I met is was a local couple.

Today It is very windy and the waves reminds me of the North Sea.

The local bus station is located next to the beach. I can’t stop thinking about what this place will look like in 20 years. Will there be cafes, nightclubs, neon lights, Starbucks and McDonald's everywhere?  Can it retain its local atmosphere? Right now, I am enjoying that it is so unspoiled.

At 3:30 pm we got one hour training in Ayurveda by “Dr. Always Happy”. It is super exciting and actually logical. Ayurveda means "life science". It builds on a more than 5000 year old knowledge. The traditions have been passed on for generations. The treatments are only with herbal remedies.

There is a fixed treatment:

  1. Cleansing.
  2. Reconstruction.
  3. Strengthening.


"You are what you eat" Dr. Arnand says. That makes sense to me. What can I expect if I keep on filling myself with meat, white bread, sugar etc?

When animals get sick the veterinarians always make sure to give the animals the right food as the first part of the treatment. Why are we not treating people like that in the Western world? As Dr. Arnand say: "Food makes you sick, or food makes you healthy!"

Dr. Arnand tells me “You should never eat meat or fish together with dairy products. NEVER!". He gives me the recipe of something I should drink especially during the winter. It contains coriander seeds, crushed ginger and cumin. All crushed in a mortar until it is coarse powder. Put 2 tsp. of the powder in some boiling water and let it boil for a few minutes. After that I filter it and put some organic honey in it. Apparently, this should be really good for the digestion. Dr. Arnand also explains to me how important it is for the body to be detoxified at least a few times a year.

In Ayurvedic tradition they drink herbs in boiled water and they make sure to get a balanced diet which matches their body type. Furthermore they have two important therapies which are nose rinse and enema. Both therapies are given with either boiled herbs or hot oil. “We will do that within the next couple of days” Dr. Arnand says. I don’t really know what to think or expect.
Right now, I have a little headache. I know it is because my body is being cleansed of toxins.


Ayurveda has some basic principles they recommend to implement in everyday life in order to maintain balance in the body:

  • Using tongue cleaner to clean your tongue every day, morning and evening.
  • Never drink at meals, but first after dinner. And never drink icy drinks. Drink lukewarm water instead.
  • Always start the day with a glass of boiled water to stimulate the digestion.
  • Wash the soles of your feet before bedtime.
  • Apply a few drops of oil on the scalp before bedtime.
  • Live a life where there is a healthy balance between activity and rest. Preferably with yoga and meditation.
  • Preferably stool 2-3 times daily.


Ayurveda is a science. It takes 5-7 years to become an Ayurvedic doctor. It is a university education which is considered at least as important as western medicine. I am eager to learn more about this, and I look forward to getting some of the principles into my everyday life.

At 5 pm it is time for yoga with Saraath.

Tonight, I feel much more calm, positive and relaxed compared to yesterday. I only caught myself once today thinking about work, while I was lying on my sun bed reading a good book.

At 6:30 pm it is time for dinner. They serve me a little green salad, a very tasty soup, some brown rice with cooked vegetables and for dessert some fruit. Today, there is no gravy with the food as yesterday but Mr Arnand also mentioned that at today's training. During the detox the chef will remove one thing from the plate every day. I end the day with a wonderful cup of tea.

It may sound incredible, but time simply flies at this beautiful place. I am so relaxed and only thinking one minute ahead. I am present all the time.

I read, write a little bit and now it is already bedtime. I love to go to bed at 10:00 pm. It is my own personal beauty and medical advice, which I have been depending on for the last couple of years.

So, goodnight from here and thank you for a wonderful day. I am already looking forward to tomorrow.


Day 3


The detoxification has started


After my morning routine with boiled water and honey and the 5 Tibetans, I am ready for a new day for my body and soul. I can conclude that my detoxification has started because of my many visits to the toilet during the night and day. I have no pain in my stomach but I can certainly feel that there is a lot going on - more than I expected. Hmm, I don't really know how to describe that in a nice way.  I don't think I can.

Today's breakfast was a big surprise. They had arranged the breakfast on the floor on a soft mattress just like a picnic. There were flowers, incense and small candles everywhere. Here I sat as one on a throne next to the pool and let myself being pampered. The sky was blue the birds were singing and there were smiling waiters around me. What a feeling! They served me a nice coconut with a straw, fresh fruit, brown rice followed by green yams with chili and freshly grated coconut. I was so full. I can't believe how tasty and satisfying the food is. I slowly start to understand the difference between good food with high nutritional value and empty fast food that does not satisfy us but makes us gain weight and become sick!

Dr. Anand came by for my daily morning consultation. He suspects that I have some uric acid in my body since I have bunions and all my joints are stiff. He writes a lot down and gives me a prescription. I am quite excited to see what they come up with?

Today's treatment is a full body massage, scalp massage and a special oil / spine treatment. I wonder what that is? It is a kind of dough rolled into a long sausage and then shaped as a circle on my back. In this circle, they poured a special kind of hot oil with herbs. I must lie here for 40 minutes. I can actually feel the area around my lower back starts to relax. While I am lying here on my private “spa-terrace” I have the most incredible dreams.
My sore bunions have been wrapped in some black herbs which should at least stay on my feet for the next couple of hours.I really need a bath as I am covered in oil from head to toe -  I hope it works as a good hair treatment with all the oil in my hair every day?

Today, they serve my lunch in my garden. Again, a nice green salad with a wonderful yellow turmeric soup and a fish in yellow curry with some cooked vegetables. For dessert, there is a red and a yellow banana. In Sri Lanka, there are 18 different types of bananas! I thought a banana was a banana?

I can’t eat half of my food - which surprises me. I have a feeling that I have already lost some weight. It gives me the feeling of being healthy and a hottie – even more hot and healthy than before.

At 4:00 pm my doctor arrive, this time it is for giving me acupuncture. I am not that crazy about needles, but I must admit that he did it in a way so I could hardly feel it. There was only a single needle through my one ankle which pinched a bit. I had to lie with the needles for about 35 minutes.

It is simply so luxury that everything and everyone comes to my villa - I only need to concentrate on relaxation, enjoying every minute and heal my body.

I love that all treatments are outside in these beautiful surroundings where the temperature is around 28 degrees. A light breeze, crown whistling and birds singing is the only thing that I pay attention to.

Later is it time for yoga with Saraath. I can feel an improvement in my flexibility and stamina. Yoga is not a performance or competition. Yoga is a lifelong process. No comparisons or pressure. Just enjoy every yoga position.

My guru guides me through the daily meditation – My mind is totally relaxed. It is such a nice feeling to let go of all worries, stress, speculation and negative thoughts. Just having a mental break, feeling free and happy.

I am currently reading the book: "The Awakening Human Being" by Barbara Berger which is a guide to the power of mind. It actually helps me to a greater understanding.
Reading some good books during the stay is recommendable. Martin also has some interesting books which can be borrowed.

Here at the resort, they have a motto: "Two days should never be the same." That is certainly the case tonight. Dinner is being served on my terrace. The waiter knocks on my door to tell me that dinner is served. I opened up the door to a courtyard filled with small floating candles, torches, garlands of flowers and a man sitting in the dark playing lovely music on his mandolin. What a surprise. I am so grateful to all the nice people doing so much for me and giving me all these nice experiences. I thank them with all my heart.

The food is delicious. It may sound strange, but I am very surprised how good vegetarian food can taste. I have a lot to learn and I am looking forward to the cooking course on Friday. It reminds me of the little brown "sugar cubes" I wrote about the other day. I found out that it is not sugar! It is pure honey! I have learned that honey is one of the most healing food for my body. I decided to buy 8 packages which I can take with me back home.

While reading my good book I drink at lovely cup of herbal tea. It has been a long and exciting day. I am so tired. I really need a good night’s rest.


Day 4


TwO DAys are never the same


At 6:30 am the doorbell rings, it is time to get up. I start my morning with a nice glass of honey water.
Tonight I slept really well but my body is stiff. The doctor perceive my stiffness as an imbalance that must be taken seriously and addressed.

At 7:30 it is time for the morning yoga. I still breathes and moans and I cannot be in the same position for more than maximum 1 minute. Even though the yoga program has been tailored for beginners it is still difficult. Saraath has a good feeling about the level each of us are on hence he never pushes us to more than what is good for us.

Saraath tells us that he always sleeps on the floor on a very thin mat. “Mattresses are not good” he says, “they make the body stiff”. Is this a message for me?

My body is always very stiff when I wake up in the morning. I wonder if this mean that I have to say goodbye to my beloved bed and from now on sleep on a mat? As strange as it may sound I decide that I will try it. Tonight, I will sleep on the floor on top of the mat from a sun bed. This experience, I will write more about tomorrow.

Yoga is a wonderful way to start the day. I wish I could take my guru with me back home. I guess that won’t be possible? So instead, I have taken a photo of him which I will hang on the wall at home. That should remind me of continuing the good routines.

Breakfast is being served in the sun. They serve fried rice pancakes with a lovely melon juice, fresh fruit and different kind of curry vegetables. It is absolutely delicious.

Today, as always, my doctor will visit me. After that I will receive 3 hours of treatment, then I will rest for ½ hour, take a nice bath and eat some lunch. I guess that is all I am going to do today.

Time simply flies down here. I am actually getting a bit stressed about that I don’t have the time to sunbathe. Of course I would like to get home and look 10 years younger but I would also like to have some color on my cheeks.

At 4 pm I am going to a laboratory in Negombo where they will test my urine. Dr. Arnand think I may have some uric acid in my body. The laboratory is located in a hospital a few minutes from the resort. It looks surprisingly clean and nice, though a bit old. All staff are incredibly friendly. I get a small cup I have to pee in and after 30 minutes I have the result. There is no uric acids found in my urine. Everything looks just fine. The conclusion is that I am too stressed, I don’t exercise enough and I need to stretch out more. This is just another good sign of why yoga is good for me.

I took a tuktuk to the hospital. While I was waiting for the test result my driver drove me to the local supermarket. I bought a lot of local spices, brown rice noodles and cashew nuts. I filled an entire bag for only DKK 120,- this is incredible cheap. Not to mention the price of my laboratory test: DKK 6, -. I can’t even buy a bag of sweets for that amount in Denmark!

Back at the resort, it is time for “The 5 Tibetans”. I can feel that my body is getting stronger due to all the exercise.

As I mentioned earlier two days are never the same. When I came back to my villa yet another surprise was waiting for me. My outdoor tub was filled with bubbles, flowers and small tea lights all over. I feel really spoiled and lucky. Imagine all these people arranging all this for me. It is incredible.

At 6:30 pm it is time for music therapy. Dr. L. P. Sisira arrives at my villa with his sitar (it looks like a guitar). Dr. Sisira has his own institute where he amongst other treats depression, anxiety and stress. He works with hospitals, government and even the prison system, where his music therapy has been implemented. He explains to me why music therapy is so healing. It has actually been scientifically proven that music therapy has a tremendously healing power, even on small unborn fetuses in the mother’s womb, it can have an effect on the brain development.
Dr. Sisira plays for larger groups as well as just for one person. It all depends on the demand. Today, it is just me and I am enjoining the meditative music with my eyes closed. He also offers conversational therapy if I should feel the need. He is extremely likeable. I admire his calm and charisma.
Dr. Sisira studied in India for more than 12 years in order to learn how to produce these healing tones on his sitar. I can’t believe that I am so lucky to experience all these things.

Tonight, I would like to eat my dinner at the restaurant. It is the first time since I arrived here. So much has happened today. I eat the wonderful food and return to my room with a cup of warm herbal tea. I want to be alone and enjoy the inner peace and contentment that I have come in contact with through my music therapy.


Day 5


herbal bath and shopping in negombo


The doorbell rings. It is 6:30 am. Outside my door there is waiter handing me a glass of honey water.

I can’t stop thinking about my weight but since there is no bathroom scales at this place, I have no clue whether I have lost weight or not. On the other hand it is good that there is none, because most likely I would then focus on my weight instead of trying to relax. Yet I am a bit curious to see if I have lost weight. I try on some very tight white jeans I brought with me. I hope I can feel the difference and actually I can. Whoopee!

At 7:00 it is time for yoga. It is hard but at the same time it is good. It is incredible how fast the body is responding. The first day I could not sit on my ankles and today I can sit on them for more than one minute!

After yoga and meditation we have a little chat with our guru. We talk about that happiness is in our hearts and nowhere else. That is also my conviction. But still sometimes so difficult to find. The guru tells us how powerful meditation is both for oneself but also for one's surroundings. He believes if more people would meditate then we would live in a more peaceful world. This is something I speculate about the rest of the day.

Today, they serve me a delicious breakfast in the warm sun.

When you travel to Sri Lanka I recommend that you only bring loosely and very thin clothing. Even a small summer dress is too warm at 8 am.

Dr. Arnand visits me for my daily consultation. I will continue with my cleansing herbal medicine, which should heal all the symptoms that I have told him about.

Today, my 3 daily treatments are oil scalp massage for 1 hour, facial including a massage, full body scrub with herbs, clay, honey and green leaves.

At first they smeared me from head to toe, then I lie for 20 minutes in order to let the herbs work. After that my therapist scrubs it into my skin and then it's time for a delicious warm herbal bath. It is a large beautiful wooden bathtub filled with hot water and herbs and around me they have decorated with beautiful flowers, candles and incense sticks. I can feel the love and positive energy. The best thing is that my skin gets so soft. Incredible what nature's own products can do! No fine French brands or anything resembling it are being used. No, it's all back to basics. So simple and highly effectively.

I am about to get used to everything here at the resort including how my food it being served. My 3 daily meals always consists of at least 3 courses. There is always some kind of salad, a delicious spicy vegetable soup and usually a rice dish with vegetables. For dessert there is always fresh fruit. I love it!

After an afternoon rest, I have decided to go to Negombo. I take the resort's tuktuk. It takes about 8 minutes during rush hour. The streets are crawling with people, dogs, chickens etc. Mopeds, motorcycles and tuktuks fills most of the streets. I am searching for a tailor. I would like to have made a few light summer dresses. My driver takes me to a funny little place that I would never have found by myself. There are a lot of people who sit and sew. I find some fabric and negotiate about the price. The deal is DKK 110,- for a summer dress. The dresses will be finished in a few days. I wonder if the quality will live up to my expectations.

I must say that nothing on the trip has disappointed me so far. The people, the service, the food, the treatments, yoga – yes, it has all lived up to my expectations. I feel a deep peace and inner silence that I have not experienced for a long time. I feel the need of being alone and concentrate on my thoughts. It feels as if my mind stand still. I feel so relaxed. I am therefore very surprised when my yoga guru tells me that I am stressed. He pulled me hard in the hair on top of my head and said that my forehead and my third eye could not relax during meditation! “What is it that stresses you in life”? he kindly asked me. What a question to get at 7 am?

I guess I need to change a few routines when I get back home, but this is also why I have given myself the gift to go on this trip. I want something more and something better with my life than to simply stand by and accept the lifestyle diseases that most of us get, if we do not treat our bodies and minds with sense and love. To me, it is not enough to grow old. I want to be fresh, happy, hale and hearty when I grow old.


Day 6


Enema and lovely treatments


I am already heavily dependent on boiled water with honey, morning yoga and meditation. It is a wonderful way to start the day.

I can feel that my figure has changed I think that I have lost some weight. It is strange. When I am at home I only eat half of what I get here. The difference is probably that here I get what is right for my body type, which is enough to keep my combustion high all day. At home I don’t get enough for breakfast and lunch. In the evening I am so hungry hence I tend eat too much for dinner. Ayurveda recommend that you eat a lot for breakfast - preferably before 8:30 in the morning. Lunch before 13:00 and dinner at least 2 hours before bedtime.

It is amazing what five days can do. My bunions have NEVER felt better. They are no longer sore and I can even tolerate a massage on them.  I don’t feel bloated. My skin is soft, I am so calm and I feel an inner peace. I don’t get irritated. My headache has gone and generally I feel more fresh in my body and mind. I am still somewhat stiff in the joints and muscles, yet slightly better than when I arrived a few days ago.

I can already conclude that things are going in the right direction.

I wish that everyone would have the opportunity to go on a retreat like this. It really is an eye opener for the many opportunities we all have to take good care of our body and health. Here I feel a great sense of freedom. Freedom to choose what is good for me! I am grateful that I ended up here. I have learned a lot of new things which will benefit me in the future.

At the morning consultation my doctor conclude that I will have to continue with my herbal medication and cleansing. My pulse is 72 and my blood pressure is 90/60, as usual. Dr. Arnand says I look happier today. I guess I am?

Today he prescribes an oil body massage, a facial and 20 minutes in a steam box. The steam box is an extremely warm wooden box where only my head is sticking out. From the bottom of the box there comes steam with cleansing herbs. I tell you it's warm. I am really sweating. I tried to meditate, turn my mind off and think about anything else than the steam but I could hardly bear to close my eyes. Those were 20 very long minutes. When I came out of the steam box, I was dizzy and therefore had to drink a lot of water before I could lay down on the bed and relax. The steam seems very detoxifying and slimming, so I will definitely try it again tomorrow.

Today it is extremely warm. I have tried to sunbathe, but it simply too warm. Instead I decide to swim in the pool and enjoy doing nothing this afternoon.

At 3:30 pm it is time for the enema. I wonder what that feels like? I have often tried intestinal rinses in Denmark but I have never tried enema. The doctors arrive at my villa and asks me to take a seat on the couch. I have to lie on my left side and relax. I am wearing a dress, so I don't feel completely naked. The doctor hands me a sterile disposable rubber tube which will go into my bottom. He is very careful. It is not uncomfortable nor does it hurt, I can hardly feel anything. 50 ml of lukewarm oil with lots of different herbs goes up my bottom. I have to lie flat on the couch for at least 10 minutes. After that I have to go and lie on my bed for 1 hour before I may go to the toilet. This kind of treatment is called "vasti". It is one of the essential treatments in the Ayurvedic science.

I promised to write about what is was like sleeping on the floor. I must admit that I prefer my mattress and my mosquito net. It is not because there are a lot of mosquitoes, but I am afraid of spiders and therefore I feel more safe when I sleep under a net. However, I must admit that my own house in Denmark has more spiders than I have seen here.

The animals I see the most here are small gray squirrels, who are jumping around the trees and looking at me curiously when I am eating. They are extremely cute.

At 5 pm it is time for “The 5 Tibetan”. I can feel that it has become much easier for me to do the exercises and that my agility has improved.

At 6:30 pm it is time for the cooking class. We learn how to make coconut milk, bake small healthy dinner bread and make a delicious curry dish. All food is vegetarian and made after Ayurvedic prescriptions. I would have loved to learn more. Martin promise that he will put all the recipes on the website.


Day 7


MiLK and HONey


My journey is about to end. I am already looking through my calendar in order to find time so I can come back to this amazing place.

It is the last day together with our yoga Guru Saraath. I am really going to miss him. He is such an inspiring and pleasant person to be around and I feel that I still have a lot to learn from him. I know Martin is trying to get him to Denmark in February. I hope it will happen. I will be the first to sign up for all yoga classes.

After breakfast, I will have the last medical consultation. It is time for a status. The only thing left of my infirmities is a bit of muscle tension. It is as if my body is terrified of getting rid of all the tension which it has been used to for so many years. I guess it is all in my head and not in my body.

My doctor decides to wrap me in hot milk with honey and brown rice and afterward a nice hot herbal bath. The next thing is a "sirodharda" which is hot oil in the third eye that slowly runs down from a brass bowl hanging over my head. At the end I get a head and facial massage. It is almost meditative for me, and I float somewhere between being awake and sleeping. It is absolutely wonderful. Because it is the last day and end of my cleansing, I will at noon get a different kind of enema, which today consists of hot water with sesame oil and lots of herbs that have boiled all night. The doctor shows me the mixture with great pride. He says this treatment couriers more than 1000 different diseases, It seems like he knows what he is talking about.

Today, I will get 600 ml. I am still a bit anxious about it, but I can feel that the staff feels that this is the most natural kind of treatment and that this is the treatment they use on themselves. Without going into detail, I can also tell you that there was a great "bonus" when I afterwards went to the toilet.

I will also get a nose cleansing today. It is the treatment that I am most nervous about. I am a little sensitive when it comes to my nose. I lie on my back on the couch and the doctor puts some cotton into one nostril and drips a few drops of hot oil into the other nostril. Afterwards he did the same exact same thing in the other nostril. I breathe deeply through my nose several times and then I spit out whatever comes into my mouth. It is disgusting! The doctors explain why it is good for me and I start to understand the purpose of it.  Nasal cleansing is especially good for people who have had sinusitis and frontal sinusitis, hearing disabilities or problems with their eyes.

I never had a lot of cellulite, but what I had is gone! Whoppi! I can’t believe it. It is true. I acutally took a photo of it!

Late in the afternoon we will do ”The 5 Tibetans” for the last time. I feel ready. I have learned so much which I can take with me back home so I can continue this great daily routine. These exercises will ensure that I get a good energy flow throughout my whole body and that I keep myself in a perfect shape.

It has been a fantastic trip. I have been pampered with all kind of wonderful treatments, healthy food, a lot of sunshine and as mentioned before, I have learned so incredibly much.

I now know how to do ”The 5 Tibetans”, I have learned how to meditate and do the right yoga exercises, but most important I have learned how take care of myself and my health in the future.

It has been a memorable stay and an eye opener for me. I got lifelong gifts which I can bring with me back home and I will use them for the rest of my life. I have decided that will share what I have learned during my stay in Sri Lanka with all the people that I love and with those who are interested in learning about it.

I hope that you will have the possibility to go on this amazing journey. Remember to live a healty and great life.

Lots of love from a very happy and satisfied